Vintage Polaire Paris Petrol Lighter: A Souvenir Tribute to L’Arc de Triomphe


Journey back in time with the exquisite Polaire Paris petrol lighter, a vintage masterpiece that flawlessly fuses function with art. Elegantly shaped like a bottle, this lighter is not just a tool, but a captivating memento from the romantic streets of Paris.

The highlight of this piece is the intricately detailed depiction of the iconic L’Arc de Triomphe, a testament to the craft and attention to detail that has gone into creating this lighter. Whether used as a functional piece or showcased as a collector’s gem, its unique bottle shape and vibrant imagery are sure to captivate.

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This vintage Polaire Paris petrol lighter offers more than just a spark; it’s a journey to Paris every time you hold it. An ideal gift for history enthusiasts, collectors, or anyone who cherishes the allure of vintage Parisian artifacts. Its distinct design, combined with the historical significance of L’Arc de Triomphe, ensures it’s not just another lighter, but a piece of history in your hands.

Such pieces are more than mere tools; they’re reminders of eras gone by, stories waiting to be told, and memories of places visited. The Polaire Paris lighter is an ode to the romance and grandeur of Paris, waiting to be a part of your unique collection.

Key Features:

  • Origin: Authentic Polaire Paris design
  • Design: Unique bottle shape with a detailed portrayal of L’Arc de Triomphe
  • Fuel Type: Petrol
  • Collectible Value: A highly sought-after souvenir piece from Paris, carrying the rich history and essence of the city
  • Condition: Given its vintage nature, the lighter has been preserved meticulously to retain its original charm and function

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