Rollstar Bakelite & Chrome Lighter: A Timeless Fusion of Elegance & Functionality


Introducing the Rollstar Bakelite and Chrome lighter – a perfect blend of vintage aesthetics and modern craftsmanship. This pristine piece, with its black Bakelite body, seamlessly merges with the lustrous chrome, showcasing a design that’s both timeless and versatile.

A radiant gold motif adorns the front, elevating its appeal and making it a standout piece in any collection. Its unused condition means it’s not only visually striking but also fully functional, ready to provide a reliable spark for years to come.

For collectors or those with a penchant for vintage treasures, the lighter is presented in its original box, ensuring its preservation and further accentuating its value.


Beyond its functionality, this Rollstar lighter is a conversation piece. Its classic design, combined with the assurance of an unused piece, makes it a rare find. Whether you’re gifting it to a vintage aficionado, adding it to your collection, or simply looking to own a piece of history, this lighter promises both style and utility.

Items like these aren’t just about the spark they provide but the stories they carry. With its original box, the Rollstar Bakelite and Chrome lighter offers an opportunity to not just own a piece of history, but to continue its legacy.

Key Features:

  • Material: Premium Bakelite body with chrome finishing
  • Design: Elegant gold motif on the front
  • Condition: Unused and in impeccable shape
  • Packaging: Comes with its original box for a touch of nostalgia and protection

UK Postage Policy

Shipping for all items, including smaller ones like thimbles, will be handled professionally by Royal Mail using the Tracked 48 service. Given the secure packaging necessary to ensure item safety, most pieces fall into the small parcel category. Consequently, our postage prices are set to reflect this classification.


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