1950s Sterling Silver Cocktail Sticks Set with Gilt Cockerels: Vintage Sophistication for the Modern Connoisseur


Unearth a piece of the past with this intriguing set of six sterling silver cocktail sticks, each elegantly crowned with a gilt cockerel. Hailing from the 1950s, this set offers a nostalgic nod to an era known for its refined tastes and iconic designs.

Measuring 80mm in length, each pick confidently asserts its quality, marked distinctly with “Sterling Silver”. These aren’t just accessories; they’re relics from a time when every detail mattered.

The picks reside in their original box, which has kept them in very good vintage condition. Like all vintage or antique pieces, they carry the graceful signs of past use and life. These tiny imperfections, far from detracting, add a charm and narrative to each piece.

For a comprehensive view of their condition, the accompanying images offer a detailed look, capturing their elegance from every angle.

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Blend the best of both worlds as you introduce a touch of 1950s elegance into modern-day mixology. This set isn’t just about stirring drinks but stirring memories of a time gone by. Whether added to a personal collection or gifted to a vintage aficionado, these cocktail sticks promise timeless allure.

  • Era: Authentic 1950s design
  • Material: Genuine Sterling Silver
  • Design: Gilt cockerel gracing each pick’s top
  • Dimensions: Each pick measures 80mm long
  • Condition: Very good vintage condition with traces of their storied past
  • Packaging: Safeguarded in their original box

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