1950s Italian Musical Automaton Cigar Dispenser: Cherub-Adorned Mechanical Masterpiece


Introducing a captivating Italian masterpiece from the 1950s: our Mechanical Musical Automatic Cigar Dispenser. This intricately designed piece is more than just a cigar holder. With each press of its button, it unravels a melodious tune, revealing a chamber adorned with cherubs set against a backdrop of a grand castle, all waiting to unveil your precious cigars or cigarettes.

Not just an automaton, its wind-up key is strategically located at the base. As you initiate the operation, you’ll witness the white metal doors rotating to present a receptacle lined with plush red felt or velvet, perfect for preserving the freshness of your cigars.

Witnessing it in person is an experience, but for those afar, a 60-second video detailing its full operation with accompanying tunes can be accessed here: https://streamable.com/6wfxpf.

This dispenser, while maintaining its vintage charm, stands in exceptional condition. The metal components exhibit minor surface scratches, a testament to its age and authenticity, but are free from any major blemishes, cracks, or stains. The cherub and castle designs are as detailed and vivid as they were in the 1950s.

Searching for a distinctive gift? This could be the standout piece for that discerning smoker you know. Ideal for adorning a gentlemen’s club, this cigar dispenser not only holds a function but also sparks conversations, showcasing one’s impeccable taste in cigars and vintage collectibles.

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1950s Italian Mechanical Musical Cigar Dispenser: an automaton masterpiece with a musical twist. Press to unveil cigars from a chamber, adorned with rotating cherubs and castle. Pristine condition, with minor surface scratches. Video showcase: https://streamable.com/6wfxpf. Ideal for a discerning smoker, perfect for gentlemen’s clubs. Contact for inquiries.


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