1947 Allied Expeditionary Force Vintage Cigarette Case – U.S. Occupied Zone Militaria with Southern Germany Engraving


Step back in time with this intricately designed vintage cigarette case issued in 1947 by the Allied Expeditionary Force to soldiers operating in the region post-Potsdam Conference. Notably from the U.S. Occupied zone, this unique piece showcases a detailed depiction of southern Germany on the front. Adding to its vintage allure, the top right corner boasts the motif of the Allied Expeditionary Force while the year ‘1947’ is elegantly engraved into the enamel at the bottom.

While there are some light surface scratches reflecting its historical journey, the wording remains crisp and the various colored dots vibrant. Speckling is also visible, hence we recommend viewing the accompanying photos for a comprehensive look.


  • Length: 11.9 CM/4.65 Inch
  • Width: 8.6 CM/3.4 Inch
  • Depth: 0.9 CM/0.3 Inch

Built with durability in mind, all hinges and clasps function seamlessly. This item offers a perfect start for novice collectors or complements an existing collection. Beyond a collectible, it stands as a timeless gift, ideal for weddings, anniversaries, or any occasion that calls for something unique and historically rich. Please note, this is an item of militaria. As a preloved item, there might be minor signs of wear. Displayed cigarettes and cigars, a UK brand smaller than king size, are not included in the sale.

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Discover this 1947 vintage cigarette case from the U.S. Occupied zone, issued by the Allied Expeditionary Force. Featuring a depiction of southern Germany, the Allied Expeditionary Force motif, and ‘1947’ engraved on enamel. Some surface wear reflects its age, but the wording and design remain prominent. Dimensions: 11.9×8.6×0.9 CM. All mechanisms work flawlessly. An excellent gift or addition to any collection. Please note, displayed cigarettes (6.9 CM) are not for sale.


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