In a world of rapid modernization, there are some things that never lose their allure. Vintage items, with their history and craftsmanship, often hold a special place in the heart of collectors and enthusiasts. Among these, vintage powder compacts by Stratton and classic silver pieces stand out as quintessential tokens of a bygone era.

Stratton: A Name Synonymous with Luxury

Stratton, a British company, has been synonymous with luxury compacts since the early 20th century. Their designs weren’t just about holding powder; they were about making a statement.

Take for instance the engine-turned compact with lipstick holder. This piece is a testament to Stratton’s dedication to intricate design, with its detailed engravings and the added utility of a lipstick holder.

Yet another classic piece is the vintage flying ducks Stratton powder compact. This compact doesn’t just serve a functional purpose; its design captures a fleeting moment of nature, reminiscent of the English countryside.

Silver Compacts: A Rare Art Deco Treasure

Silver has always held an unmatched charm. When silver is melded with Art Deco designs, you get treasures like the vintage silver rouge pot from 1922 by Crisford and Norris Ltd. With its reflective allure and intricate design, this piece stands out as a unique representation of 1920s sophistication.

Why Collect Vintage Compacts?

Beyond their obvious beauty, vintage powder compacts offer a tangible connection to the past. Each compact, with its unique design and wear, tells a story. Whether it’s tales of the Roaring Twenties or post-war England, these compacts are historical snapshots.

Moreover, brands like Stratton have been associated with the British royal family, making their pieces even more sought after. For collectors, owning a vintage compact isn’t just about the item; it’s about owning a piece of history.


Vintage powder compacts, whether by renowned brands like Stratton or in precious metals like silver, hold a timeless appeal. In them, artistry, history, and functionality meld seamlessly. Explore these and more at CharlieSpoons, where the past meets the present in the most elegant way.


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