If you’re an enthusiast of timeless elegance, you’ve likely come across the famous Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern. This intricate design is a crown jewel in the world of fine bone china and ceramics, symbolizing a rich and vibrant history.

A Pattern with Centuries of Heritage

Originating from the 18th century, the Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern has roots that can be traced back to Japanese Imari porcelains. This English adaptation, created by the renowned Royal Crown Derby, features a stunning blend of red, blue, and gold, capturing the essence of Eastern craftsmanship.

The Appeal of the Imari Pattern

The mesmerizing combination of colors and motifs in the Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern reflects elegance and luxury. Whether you’re looking to elevate your dining experience or searching for an exquisite collector’s piece, the Imari collection offers something unique for every taste.

A Timeless Collection

With a variety of pieces, from dinner plates to coffee cups, the Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern can grace any table setting. Its ageless beauty makes it a popular choice for weddings, special occasions, or simply enhancing your everyday dining experience.

Investing in Royal Crown Derby Imari

As a collector, investing in the Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern is synonymous with embracing a piece of history. Authentic pieces are not only aesthetically pleasing but also hold their value, making them sought-after by both seasoned collectors and newcomers alike.


The Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern represents more than just exquisite tableware; it’s a symbol of tradition, craftsmanship, and refined taste. Whether you’re looking to purchase your first piece or expand your collection, the Imari pattern offers unparalleled sophistication and timeless appeal. Explore the world of Royal Crown Derby Imari and indulge in a legacy of luxury.


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