Discovering “Mules Kick” by Charlie Spoons: A World of Coffee Awaits

In the vast coffee landscape, there stands a blend that defies the ordinary ā€“ one that Charlie Spoons passionately crafted for aficionados who desire more than just a beverage. Coffee, in its true essence, should be an adventure, a melody of flavors, a tale of global exploration.

Journey with Every Sip

Dedicated to excellence, we at Charlie Spoons believe in the magic of curating the perfect brew. This commitment to quality takes us to remote corners of the globe, unearthing the most aromatic and flavorful beans. The result? Blends that offer a tantalizing taste, inviting you into a world where every sip feels like a voyage. Dive deeper into our coffee universe here.

The Unparalleled “Mules Kick”

For those who seek that distinctive coffee thrill, our prized blend, the Mules Kick, packs an exhilarating caffeine punch with about 250mg per cup. But beyond its robust strength lies a medley of flavors:

  1. Djimma (50%): Unveiling nutty undertones perfectly paired with hints of blueberry, it captures the heart of fruity richness.
  2. Kaweri Colobus (30%): Introducing a play of spicy cinnamon merged with the deep allure of dark chocolate, offering a comforting embrace with every sip.
  3. El Salvador Diamante (20%): Complementing the blend with intensified chocolatey depths, rounded off by a refreshing orange zest.

A symphony for the senses, the Mules Kick is our signature offering, poised to satiate the refined palates of discerning coffee lovers.

In Essence

Coffee transcends being a mere drink; it’s an odyssey, an emotion, a legacy. And Charlie Spoons promises to deliver this legacy in the most aromatic, flavorful manner. So, when the call for exceptional coffee beckons, know that a universe of unparalleled flavors awaits you at Charlie Spoons.