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If there’s one thing I love more than foraging for treasures at car boot sales, house clearances, auctions and antique shops, it’s a hot cup o’ Java to start the day. And in my store, you’ll find just that, an eclectic mix of pre-loved, rigorously restored goods and some of the best blends of coffee you’ve ever tasted. 

I’ve a keen interest in antique tobacciana; such as antique cigarette and vesta cases or just about any accompanying accessory to tobacco and cigarettes. Highly collectable and found all over the world, in abundance I might add, these precious antiques are delicately restored with my ultrasonic cleaner, tarnish guard and a little bit of polish. Not only do I stock the finest silver cigarette holders and antique vesta cases, you can also find jewellery and other trinkets.

Let’s not forget how to start a successful day of antique hunting, a cup hot, heavenly and heavily caffeinated coffee. Whilst you’re here, you should definitely check out my very own specialty coffee blends, made with the world’s best beans, sourced from around the globe.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to send me a message as quite often there are things in my inventory that have not yet been listed. Also, I’m always looking to unearth new treasures!

Godspeed and happy hunting to one and all!

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